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Mr. Cabbagehead's Garden items are pre-orders, and will be shipped in May 2021. Everything else is shipped weekly from our warehouses in the USA, Germany or the UK. Most small items are shipped from our HQ in Finland.

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Mr. Cabbagehead's Backerkit Survey
29 days ago – Sun, Nov 01, 2020 at 06:16:32 PM

Greetings, LudiCrats

So, we did it! According to our records, a lot of you are veterans, but for the rest of you aspiring gardeners, here's what's going to happen in the next few weeks with the survey and everything else.

Pre-order Page

First, a quick note - the pre-order page is live. Do *NOT* use it. It is meant for post-campaign pledges. Feel free to tell your friends about it.

It will have higher shipping costs than backers get. Just hang on while KS charges everyone and gives us your info, so we can send you the Backerkit surveys.

IMPORTANT: Errored Charges

A small number of you - usually around 4-5% - will have received a notification from KS that your pledge did not go through. There is also usually a high-visibility bar at the top of every KS page warning you about it.

Please make sure to fix your credit card info as soon as you can. If you do not do this within 7 days, you will be dropped as backers. If you are dropped, we can not help you, this is all handled by Kickstarter/Stripe. For more information, check their FAQ:

Given the scale of the project, we can not make exceptions and re-add you as a backer. We can not take payment via PayPal, bank, check, money order, bales of grain, Rai stones or Amoleh.

After the campaign has ended and the game is released, we can only take pre-orders via the pre-order store, and that will have higher shipping costs, as mentioned above.

Backerkit Survey

The survey will be sent out in *about 2 weeks*.

You will receive an email with an invitation link.

If you need to change your survey responses, purchase add-on items, or update your shipping information, you can click the link in your survey email again or request your survey link under "Lost your survey?" on our BackerKit project page. (This page will only start working after we send the surveys out.)

During the survey you will be able to pay for shipping and add on anything else you like.

You will have access to the same items (including those bundles) as seen on the pre-order store, but with discounted shipping for Cabbagehead and its extras.

We can then also apply the previously mentioned discount.

The Loyalty Discount & Backerkit Accounts

The discount will be credited to your Backerkit account after the survey has been sent, using your email address to match you to previous campaigns.

Please note that the discount will be automatically applied - we unfortunately will not be able to add credit for any campaigns that do not appear in your Backerkit account (e.g. if you had  used a different email address for a previous campaign).

To check out your Backerkit account, click here:

Note that this page will show you your "active projects", but a tab at the top will show you your past ones:

Thank you, once again!

On behalf of Todd and the entire team, we want to express our thanks and our commitment to returning Mr. Cabbagehead's Garden to playing tables around the world!

If you have any issues with your pledge, if you have any questions about Backerkit, or you are a retailer seeking to make a pledge, please contact us via the KS messaging system.



Greetings, And Thanks For All The Lettuce!
29 days ago – Sun, Nov 01, 2020 at 06:07:20 PM

Welcome, backers old and new!

Yup, we've funded. Again. Thanks to you.

Cabbagehead lives to plant once more,

and pesky Neighbours will once again try to even the score.

Thank you, everyone!

Mr. Cabbagehead is back! For Halloween! With add-ons and discounts!
about 1 month ago – Wed, Oct 28, 2020 at 08:47:05 PM

Greetings, LudiCrats!

There we were, thinking we were going to go through an entire campaign without *any* backer update or *any* social media... which we almost did, and the campaign is still on track to beat the original 2018 one, even with a third of our backers being $1 return backers (Welcome back! Read on below!).

But here we are, with a fantastic, weird little game that seems to bring such calm and satisfaction (and frequent frustration) when playing it, as we've never had before. Thank you for being with us on this journey back to Mr. Cabbagehead's Garden (that's going to be the title of the movie sequel, probably).

So, we have a few things for you, all good news.

First, let us start with...

The official Mr. Cabbagehead's Garden Halloween Mask!

Click here to download the PDF!

That's right! A new terror will soon spread across cabbage patches, greenhouses and game rooms around the world*, as you can print and cut out this here tasteful and subtle face covering!

This is actually something we created a long time ago for a Spiel far, far away, but we never got to properly implement. So enjoy this as you go out and propose preposterous pranks or presents in your neighborhood**.

Merry Samhain and A Happy Ending of the Harvest Season!

On to...

Add-ons, extras, and even better shipping deals!

So, we've had some questions about extras. We will try to get this to the campaign page too, but we can also take the opportunity to make it clear.

Here are the prices for the extras, in case you need them now - they are the same as before:

Each individual promo (2018, 2020): $5

Custom-shaped bee tokens: $5

Sanders Select Series Seeds burlap bag: $5

Playmat: $15

Also, we want to remind you to check the campaign page & pledge level, and see what is already included. E.g. the Deluxe edition already includes all promos, the bees and the bag. 

We are also intending to reprint Mr. Cabbagehead is Away and Neddance Saves the Day, a solo postcard game by Todd that we published for Spiel 2018, and make it available for $5.

Finally, the shipping for all these extras is:


That's right. All of the prices for the above items include the shipping cost, and we will not charge you anything more for shipping. Shipping in fact costs us at least $2-3 per item (and more for the playmat), so if you wanted to get more items at the same time, it would really help us.

Please note that this (and the flat $5 worldwide shipping cost for the game itself) only applies to backers of this campaign only. Shipping for post-campaign backers will be weight based and not-so-subsidized.

Note that you are considered a backer of this campaign even if you backed $1. So everyone here (and anyone who joins you in the next 48 hours), you are covered.

This is also why it is also important that you make sure you have a valid credit card listed with Kickstarter. If you do not, you will have a week to fix it - Kickstarter will remind you.

And, finally...

The Loyalty Discount

A few minutes after we post this update, we will send out a message via Backerkit about something we have been wanting to do for a while. As many of you know, we have launched, funded and fulfilled more than two dozen campaigns.

It's been a long 7 or so years, full of twists and turns and intermittently imperfect and annoying alliteration, and we have found ourselves having delivered games to tens of thousands of backers the world over.

So, if you are already signed up to our newsletter, you will receive the following via Backerkit:

It’s the last few days for Mr. Cabbagehead's Garden Returns! campaign - at the time that you are reading this, it might be more or less the last 48 hours!

Given the success of the campaign brought on by nearly 1500 of your fellow backers, we felt the need to show our gratitude to those who have supported us before.

Basically, we want to give you $1 off per campaign you have backed in the past!

Here are the basics:

  •  You must have backed the Mr. Cabbagehead's Garden Returns! campaign (even for $1) before it ends. 
  •  A maximum of $5 in total discount will be applied (this is a trial run, and we do not want this to get out of hand). This can be used as credit within Backerkit, to cover shipping costs and/or add-ons. 
  • The discount will appear automatically in your Backerkit account when we apply it, around the end of November, after surveys have been sent.

The above should be self-explanatory, but here's some more detail:

  • The discount is only valid for backers to this campaign (yes, including $1 backers).
  • The credit can not be redeemed as cash. It can be used to pay for add-ons (all of them - Todd's own IUNU and They Who Were 8, On the Underground, Crisis, ESSEN, Operation: Kindergarten, Pocket Imperium, Town Center, KUNE v LAKIA, Alexandria, [redacted], [microfilms], Long Live the Queen, Diesel Demolition Derby, and so on - not just Cabbagehead add-ons) and shipping. Basically for anything that will be charged via Backerkit. Unfortunately KS does not have this functionality.
  • The credit will remain in your Backerkit cart until you use it, or until we close down this particular Backerkit integration. We typically leave them up for months. There will be a backer update giving advance notice to any such thing happening - typically when we run out of stock or run another campaign.
  • We chose to do this without limitation as to how far in the past you backed a campaign - this may change if we do this again. We may also limit it to newsletter subscribers. Or to backers of a specific campaign. Hey, it's free money.
  • Yes, new-to-LC backers backing this campaign are not included in this. But, if there is not too much complaining (oh yeah, you'd be surprised) and we do this again, then yes, you would also get a $1 discount in a future LudiCreations campaign.
  • We also know that $1 (per campaign, to a maximum of $5) may not seem like a lot, but it is, for us, when you consider the number of potential backers. And in any case, it is what we can do for now.

We realize that the above may not cover everything, and we are happy to answer any questions. You can leave a comment, but you will probably get a quicker response (during European daylight hours) by contacting us via the KS messaging system.

Again, thank you so much for being with us through all these years. Here's to another 25 campaigns and then 25 more after that!

With sincere gratitude,

All the best,


* May not apply to you - just let the pagans have their fun.

** Seriously though, maybe stick to Zoom or something this time around.

*** Just putting this here to send people looking for the text referring to it.